A four phase plan to get your pitching ready for the new season

We have all read that the short game is the most important area for improving your scores. Well... I can confirm that this is the case. Club golfers will hit a high majority of their shots from within 100 yards and so if you can become more accurate from these distances your scores will improve.

The Path to improvement

The reason why your pitching hasn't improved significantly already is because you haven't approached it in the correct way. Having a lesson, or watching a YouTube clip, to find that magical technical tip will not improve your pitching over a long period of time.

Instead you should follow the path to improvement as outlined in this blog which has been developed by myself via discussions with top European Tour golfers and coaches plus many hours of research into the correct way to learn and retain a new skill.

Phase 1 - Develop the correct pitching technique

The pitching technique is slightly different to the full swing technique for good reason, this short clip explains what to look for and how to practice it.

You should now practice the techniques mentioned in this video and only progress to the next phase when you are able to successfully hit 7/10 pitch shots with all of your wedges. A successful pitch would be where your shots land with a reasonably consistent distance because you strike them consistently.

A great gauge to whether you are striking these shots properly is to set-up a little practice station. Put a towel, one clubhead's width, behind the ball and place a tee on the ground a couple of inches in-front. Then spray your clubface with foot spray. If you can miss the towel, clip the ball away nicely whilst also getting the tee airborne you know your angle of attack is correct. The foot spray will give you feedback on the centeredness of strike.

If you are having problems with any of the above strike tests please skip to the bottom of this blog and start the bonus section.

Phase 2 - Add some variety and gauge your pitching distances

Now that you can strike the ball consistently you need to develop a variety of distances within your pitching technique. It's not good enough to just know how far your full shots go. Having three different swings, and distances, with each wedge will give plenty of options from within 100 yards.

Watch the clip below to develop your distances. I understand you will probably not have a Flightscope system, as I use in the clip, but there are some great alternatives of which I highly recommend if you are to develop your pitching to your highest potential:

Garmin Approach G80


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