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30 Minute Lesson


A 30 minute one-to-one Golf lesson with Tom Pipes.

Using the latest technology to work on any area of the game.

60 Minute Lesson


A 60 minute one-to-one Golf lesson with Tom Pipes.

Using the latest technology to work on an area of the game.

3 x 30 Minute Lessons


A great Golf Lesson package to work on several areas of the game with Tom Pipes using the latest technology.

3 x 60 Minute Lessons


1 hour game assessment plus 2 Golf lessons working on specific areas of your game. All lessons are done using the latest technology.



Par Package

1/2 Hour Coaching Per month

Usual Price - £25

Package Price - £20 

Most Popular


Birdie Package

1 Hour Coaching Per month

Usual Price - £40

Package Price - £35

Eagle Package

2 Hours Coaching Per Month

Usual Price - £80

Package Price - £60

Get Back to Golf Package

This package is aimed at golfers who have spent some time away from golf or coaching and ready to come back with a flying start. The package is 3 half an hour 1 to 1 lessons working with the latest Flightscope and Sam PuttLab technology. These are designed to be used within 6 weeks of each other to ensure maximum improvement. 

Usual Price £75

Package price - £55
Saving - £20


"Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed my lesson today with Tom.  This was my first golf lesson ever and I got so much out of it.

I may not be quite ready to take up golf yet but due to a stag day round of golf coming up,  I felt I should at least try to be able to hit the ball and I feel really confident that with just that one lesson I'll get by without looking too much of a complete scuffer. 

I told Tom exactly what I wanted and I got just that in plain, simple English. 

I would happily recommend Tom to anyone interested in taking up golf."


- Tony Meade, Sheffield

Having played golf for a number of years, like most golfers I have picked up a few bad habits. I was fortunate to retire recently and decided I wanted to better my game, but I kept on making the same mistakes, I felt that when I was practicing on my own I was practicing the bad habits I had picked up, so I decided to have a number of lessons with Tom. We ironed out a few faults and Tom taught me a lot about course management, for the first time in my life I achieved my goal of becoming a single figure golfer. When I started my lessons with Tom I was a handicap of 10.1, so getting to 6.9 was unbelievable. Although I have achieved my goal I still feel I need to practice and have a lesson with Tom now and again to re-adjust my swing.


Thanks for all of your coaching and encouragement Tom!

- Terry Wood, Hillsborough Golf Club

I was thinking about calling it a day with my game to be honest.


I decided to give it one last go and joined Hillsborough Golf Club and booked some lessons Tom the assistant professional and it was the best thing I did. The support and facilities excellent.


I can't thank Tom enough, he's definitely improved my game and I am really enjoying playing my golf again!

- Ian Ingram, Hillsborough Golf Club

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