Hit Your Driver Consistently - It's easier than you think!

The image above shows the shot dispersion pattern on my Flightscope of a golfer who visited me recently. As you can see he miss hit a few shots but when warmed up he averaged about 175 yards.

The main issue however was the left to right dispersion of his shots. They ranged from 40 yards left to 35 yards right.

Our first hole, here at Hillsborough Golf Club (pictured right), is a narrow par 4 with out of bounds all the way up the left. With the above shot dispersion placed on our first hole you can now see the issue!

Some shots may finish out of bounds and some may finish on our 18th fairway which runs parallel to the 1st.

What causes this dispersion?

This variety of shot pattern arises when the golfer is trying to fix their swing.

We've all been there, you are on the range and your first shot with driver goes to the right so for the next shot you try to flip your wrists a little more and in an effort to see some change you flip them too much and the ball goes left. The result is a very inconsistent ball flight and no confidence.

By going through this process you will hit some great shots but generally your dispersion will be as pictured and you will leave the range complaining about your driving inconsistency.

How to become more consistent

The first thing to realise about consistency is that it sadly doesn't include hitting the ball straight consistently. To hit a golf ball straight with a driver you need to return the club face to the ball squarely every time which is very difficult but to also combine this with a square swing path it is just about impossible.