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Grip It Like a Pro

There are a number of things that come up when speaking to clients on a daily basis but the one that comes up more than any other is grip! Here is a list of the most common faults I see in amateurs, what it affects and how to go about gripping it like a pro!


This issue is the most common problem I see with grip. This can cause a number of issues. This is when the grip line goes directly through the palm instead of through the fingers. (If you have wrecked a few gloves on the palm before, this is most definitely you).

This incorrect way to grip the club is a sure fire way to see a weak, short, left to right curving shot and is very likely to have a negative impact on strike too.

So, how can you fix it? Imagine you're in the supermarket grabbing a basket in your left hand, that's the feeling we are going for, the grip should come from the fingers rather than the palm of the hand. See the pictures below.


Placement is very important to anyone with unwanted curvature either that pesky slice or that nasty hook. This all comes down to strength and finding the right match up for you. Next time you watch golf, you will see a number of different swings and this is the same with grips, the only difference is, the best golfers have the best grip to work for them.

For the golfer out there that is seeing the ball fly right of the fairway or green far too often, you strengthen (moving both hands clockwise around the grip and equal amount) and for those golfers that have a hook that just won't listen, the opposite, we weaken by moving both hands anticlockwise around the grip.

Stronger Weaker


Grip pressure is very personal. No pressure is right for everyone but 9/10 times when pressure is an issue in the golf swing, it is too much pressure.

This causes a number of different potential faults, mainly this is inconsistent or lack of release causing blocks, fades and slices. Also in extreme cases this can cause injuries and poor upper body rotation too.

But what pressure is best for you? The best way to find out is to test this out, imagine your pressure is put on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being about to fall out your hands but not quite and 10 being as hard as you physically can. Try and hit a few balls at different pressures some softer and some firmer. It will soon become apparent at what works for you and a lot of people end up around 4-6 out of 10.


The last thing when it comes down to grip and how to do it like a pro is to be consistent. A lot of amateurs have slight indiscrepancies from club to club or even shot to shot. The best way to grip it like a pro it to be consistent.

By, Tom Pipes

For more insight or to book in a check up on your grip then click the link below.


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