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3 Tips For Better Golf In The Rain


Unfortunately we all experience playing in the rain, which creates a few different problems on the golf course.

Here are a few tips to ensure your game doesn't suffer in the rain:

1) Accept that the rain will make scoring tougher. Trying to go for risky shots when your grips are wet is not a good idea. Play for the middle of the green and hit your driver at 70% power.

2) Allow less break on putts. As the greens get wetter they do not turn as much. Depending on how wet the green is allow for about 1 balls width less than normal.

3) Always carry a spare glove. They only cost £8 so having 2 gloves is not expensive but when your first glove gets wet, its a huge relief to be able to put a new and tacky glove on.

I hope that these few tips will help you perform better in the rain. If you would like me to help you with your golf game, please call me on 07791949073. Or click here


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