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How to save you time and lower your scores with less effort

I have just watched a series of video's on YouTube by Mark Crossfield which highlighted the benefits of using devices such as Game Golf.

If you have never used Game Golf and don't know what it is, let me explain.

In the Game Golf package you receive a clip for your belt and 14 tags which you put into the end of each club in your bag. Before each shot you "tag" your shot by clicking your tag onto the belt clip.

This clip measures where you are via GPS and tracks your stats during a round of golf. At the end of the round you download the data onto your computer and it produces stats from your round.

I use Game Golf with several of my students and I find it a big help. It allows me to analyse a students game using facts plus it allows me to see exactly what the tendencies are when I'm not with them.


In Mark Crossfield's video's he shows how he analysed a players stats such as greens in regulation. He then noted that the player had a tendency to miss short of the green and therefore could work on the players technique based on these facts.

All of what Mark talks about in the video is great and it clearly benefited his client but I believe for the handicap golfer there is an even bigger benefit to using Game Golf.

When entering your details on the system it asks you for your current handicap and also for the handicap you want to achieve. After putting into the device several rounds it analyses your data and compares it to the 100,000's of rounds already inputted from around the world. It then compares your data to the data of golfers who play off of the handicap you have targeted. It then, very cleverly, suggests 3 areas of your game that you need to work on in order to play to your target handicap.

This gives you a real focus on what to practice for a direct impact on your scores.

All too often a golfer wants to improve their scores so they read a magazine which says "to lower your scores you MUST practice your short game!". But this persons stats may show that his short game is good but his approach shots from 100-125 yards are awful.

By analysing your game you can save yourself huge amounts of time and frustration

My advise would be to buy a Game Golf and take it to a PGA Professional and let him/her analyse your data before analysing your swing. It will save you both a huge amount of time.

If Game Golf doesn't excite you and technology frustrates you, I strongly recommend using stats cards.

On a recent coaching trip to La Manga I had all of the players use stats cards. This allowed me to analyse their game and give them a personalised plan for their improvement.

If you would like me to send you a stat card for analysing your game, please email me at It could save you a huge amount of time and lower your scores.


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