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How to improve your technique immediately. This may surprise you!

golf lesson sheffield pitching technique

You may be wondering why I chose to put a recent client under a tree for a pitching lesson.

My client has had pitching problems for some time and has tried all sorts of possible solutions including:

  • YouTube Tips

  • Help from friends

  • Magazine tips

These tips have created lots of swing thoughts which make the pitching action very difficult to repeat. I therefore decided to use a constraints based learning scenario to help him achieve the desired result without the need for technical thoughts.


Many people try to lift the ball up in the air when pitching this may seem logical to the golfer but is actually a very disruptive though to have. Instead, we need to trust the loft on the club will do the work for us and make sure we get the club to the bottom of the ball.

golf lesson sheffield pitching change

The thought of lifting the ball in the air creates a post impact position where the elbows are bent. This will not allow the club to get under the ball unless other compensations are introduced.

By putting my client under a tree with the objective of hitting the ball below the branches he changed his arm position immediately, a position he had struggled to find when using all of the tips from YouTube etc. But more importantly his contact with the ball became more consistent and he was still getting the loft he needed.

He achieved these results by solely focusing on driving the ball under the branches, no extra technical thoughts were needed.

Constraints based practice works because it forces the golfer to apply the correct technique without focusing on any technical thoughts.


We cannot take a tree around the course with us so we have to find a way to take this new feeling onto the course. This is achieved by adapting our practice habits.

Read about good practice habits in my next blog.


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