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What is the best course management tip you have heard?

Once you have worked on your swing and have a repeating ball flight. The next step to shooting the lowest score you possibly can is managing your game on the golf course.

To find out how some of the best teachers in the world advise their tour players and regular lessons for managing their game, I posted a question on a golf teachers forum. The responses I got were fantastic.

The question I asked was, "What is the best course management tip you have given/recieved?" Below is a list of the responses I had:

- Don't plan to miss the shot but plan for a missed shot. What is most important shot in golf - the next one.

- 7 bogeys and 11 pars is 77-79. So why fret over a bogey?

- Hit to the middle of the green - then you putt to the corners.

- Play the ball flight you own that day.

- Red light, yellow light and green light pin positions! Know when to be aggressive and when to be safe with your approaches

- Always give more break on the putt than you think.

- Walk fast, swing slow.

- When choosing a club laser to the back of the green. Get the number and figure out what club flies that distance 100% of the time, then hit 1 less club. Promise you will be pin high more often.

- Never play from rough to rough or sand to sand.

- Too many low handicap golfers tend to play for the results if they take their worst swing and too many high handicaps play for results off their best swing.

I hope you find just one of these tips useful and that it helps your score.

If you would like to find out more information on course management please click here


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