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Virtual Lesson Package

Head PGA Professional Mark Allen has helped hundreds of golfers to lower their scores through one-to-one lessons.

However, we realise that a one-to-one lesson is not ideal for everyone.

Most golfers don't have the time to take a lesson and prefer their only available day to be spent on the golf course with friends.

But, every golfer would like to improve and we believe this virtual lesson package will help the majority of golfers.

A standard 6 lesson package costs £150 which doesn't suit every golfers budget which is why we are offering this 6 lesson package for only £30

Cyber Monday Special Offer

Now only £21!!

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Check out a Bonus Preview Video At The Bottom Of This Page

What's Included In The Package?

This 6 lesson virtual package includes 6 emails sent to you over a 6 week period. Each email includes a video tip, filmed at Hillsborough Golf Club, from our Head PGA Professional Mark Allen plus a video analysis of each shot when performed by a top player.

Having taught hundreds of golfers Mark is aware of the key areas that each mid-high handicap golfer needs to improve to lower their scores. Each video focuses on these areas for a bigger impact on scores.

No stone is left unturned in this series with lessons covering important shots from tee-to-green.

Lesson 1 - The Tee Shot

Lesson 4 - The Bunker Shot

Lesson 2 - The Approach Shot

Lesson 5 - The Chip Shot

Lesson 3 - The Pitch

Lesson 6 - The Putt

Check out a Bonus Preview At The Bottom Of This Page

Unlike other virtual courses

Unlike other online courses these video's will be accessible to you for life! There will be no deadline to view these lesson videos and you can view them whenever you like.

All for only £21!

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What happens next?

If you are a mid-high handicap golfer who doesn't have the time for a one-to-one lesson series with a PGA Professional and wants to save £120 you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Decide you want to improve your golf

Step 2: Click the button below and pay only £21 via PayPal

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Step 3: Our team will send you your first lesson within two working days and each lesson one week after that

Step 4: Enjoy shooting lower scores!

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Time to get started.

Just click below to begin your journey to lower scores.

Cyber Monday Special Offer Only £21!

Plus, pay now and receive a special bonus package on week 7!

Bonus Preview Video

Lesson 4 of 6 is on the bunker shot. Click below to view 

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