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What Mark's clients have to say

"I am 100% happy with all aspects of Mark's coaching and find it excellent value for money. Mark's explanation of the putting technique is clear, concise and achievable! Mark has a good knowledge of all aspects of the game and a great passion for the game, which comes across in his teaching. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone wanting to improve their game."

Mark Fenton, Stocksbridge Golf Club 

" I find lessons with Mark to be excellent value for money and I recommend Mark to anyone who is serious about improving their game. I find that watching my swing on the teaching system really helpful and with Mark's excellent instruction it's even better to see the improved results."

Shaun Tarplett, Hillsborough Golf Club (Sheffield Team Player & Past Yorkshire Champion)

"I suffered from a bad case of over the top in my swing which was ruining my enjoyment of the game, so much so that I nearly quit altogether. That was until a friend of mine recommended I take a short course of lessons, like he'd done, with Mark. I'm so glad I did. I am now hitting it further and straighter than ever. Thanks Mark!!"

Jason Ball, Sheffield

"Starting to feel the love for golf again after todays visit to the academy. Cheers Mark Allen, feeling optimistic!"

Tom Pritchard, College Pines Golf Club, (Review written on Facebook)

"22 golfing years a slicer - NO MORE!! Thanks to Mark Allen for teaching me to draw the ball in ONE LESSON!! For my fellow Team Awesome comrades, we just got a little more awesome, for every other golfer, get yourself down to The Indoor Golf Academy - Sheffield, trust in the technology and never again will you have a lesson without at least 3 cameras and a computer analysing your every movement!!"

Chris Holdsworth, Hallowes Golf Club, (comment posted on Facebook)

"Mark... After curing an incurable slice. Man flu needs your attention!"

Matthew Carr, Hallowes Golf Club

I started the 5 month "Achieve Your Goal" package for the winter after nearly giving up the game. But thanks to Mark, I have turned my game around and I am starting to enjoy my golf again! I have gone from slicing the ball for the last 10 years to now drawing the ball with far more accuracy! I would recommend anyone who wants to find out exactly what is going wrong with their game to visit Mark. 

Adrian Walton, Local business owner

I have taken lessons with Mark on several occasions in the past to sort out issues with my golf game. I have, however, recently retired and with more time to dedicate to my game, in consultation with Mark, we decided to go for a major overhaul.

Although my ball striking has always been quite good over time my swing had flattened and with an over active wrist action I was hitting a large proportion of my shots left, some destructively so. 

Mark has overseen changes to stance, posture, address position, weight distribution and particularly the grooving of a better swing plane. All this Mark has done with real passion, meticulous attention to detail and incredible patience.

The in-lesson video analysis and the e-book back up are superb additions giving players a far better understanding of their golf swings.
Mark is a fabulous coach for both the physical and mental development of your game and I always recommend him to anyone wishing to improve any aspect of their golf.

Kel Leaver, Hallamshire Golf Club

After Mark analized my grip and swing pattern, some small setup and grip changes were made. He gave me some exercises and verbal directions to practice, I could clearly see from the video recordings that good progress was made. Mark ensures there is a comfortable and friendly atmosphere during the lessons. He gives professional and very informative discriptions of the proposed changes. A very enjoyable experience overall. I will continue with the lessons. Great when you can watch your progress on the TV with a split TV screen, visual proof that you have improved and changed your grip and swing pattern. I would and have recommended to my friends the benefits to be gained from Marks knowledge and methods.  

Barry Raikes, Retired Firefighter with a 15 handicap

I have had a number of lessons with Mark now, he is very knowledgeable and proactive in getting you to play better golf. In our time he has explained all aspects of the game from the very basic’s to how a PGA pro would play a round of golf. I would recommend anyone to have a lesson with Mark no matter what their handicap, or what problems they might have, as he will get you back on track. He is an excellent coach it’s the best thing I have ever done to improve my game and I have a far better understanding of how to hit the ball straighter and further than before. I will continue to have the lessons with in aim of getting down to a single figure handicap.

John Jubb, Hillsborough Golf Club

I was roped into a golf trip by my friends who started planning it in May 2014. I agreed to go but I was dreading it. I was a complete beginner and had only hit balls on a driving range with an occasional disastrous venture onto a golf course every now and then. 

I called the indoor golf academy in June 2014 and have been going almost every week since. Mark has been fantastic, he was extremely patient and friendly as he slowly one week at a time set about dismantling my entire swing and replacing it with good posture, balance, stance, weight transfer and a better understanding of the correct swing path. I'm still a long way off what you'd call a good player but thanks to Mark I can look forward to playing golf rather than secretly dreading it.

I played five rounds of golf in Portugal in six days, I finished 3rd overall (out of 10 players) I was joint leader with two other players after four rounds but didn't have a particularly good final day and finished Third. This has been down to Mark's excellent tuition, I know for a fact that I would have been dead last if I'd gone on the trip without any expert help.

Many thanks

John Brady, Bronze Medal Winner!!

I am delighted to report that the result of my Portugal golf tour was...a win for Pete!
After 3 rounds I was in second place 7 points behind the leader. We played Vale Do Lobo Ocean Course on the last day and I started with 3 pars and a bogey to draw level with the leader by the time we were through 4 holes. Had a bit of a wobble, but a birdie on the long par three 13th uphill and into the wind (4 iron to 2 inches!) got me back on track and I managed to bring it home from there. Won by one, with a bogey on the last good enough to get over the line.
A huge thanks to you, Mark. No understatement to say I couldn't have done it without you. I've been trying to win this thing for 20 years so am chuffed to say the least!"

Peter Bland, Hallamshire Golf Club

Just like to say thank you for that last wedge lesson. Went out this morning and shot 78 (my lowest round by 4 shots!) all down to getting my wedges in close and putting 3 birdies away. Most I've had in one round! Plus, I was playing in a club comp so hopefully, yet another handicap drop.

Lewis Cooke, Tinsley Park Golf Club

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