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A Unique Junior Golfing Programme
Traditional Junior Coaching

Standard junior coaching programmes generally consist of learning the fundamentals of each area of the golfing technique on a driving range. Whilst this structure is a must for young golfers to develop we believe that it shouldn't be the only part of a junior academy. Which is why we have developed "Progression To Par". 

Our Vision

We believe that young golfers need to play on a golf course and not be confined to the driving range. We also believe that children young and old need to be challenged for continuous development. These elements are the foundation of our newest Junior Academy Level, "Progression To Par".

More Time On The Course

The ultimate aim of this programme is for each young golfer to shoot level par for 9 holes!

This may sound ambitious but the progression to level par starts on holes that are only 50 yards long.

We will be taking all of our young golfers onto the course regularly with the aim being to shoot level par for 9 holes from 50 yard tees.

Once level par has been achieved from the 50 yard tees we move the tees back to 75 yards and gradually progress back to the standard golf course tees. The progressive tee distances will be:

50 yards

75 yards

100 yards

125 yards

150 yards

200 yards

Practice Journal

Every golfer will recieve a personalised Practice Journal.

This will be their unique map towards individual improvement which will include:

- Practice games to develop their skill level

- Personalised goal reminders to help organise their practice

- Notes on every practice session or lesson

- A clear roadmap of how they can progress towards par

Any Questions

If you have any questions about this programme please call the Pro Shop on 0114 234 9151 or email

Individual & Group Coaching

To help each golfer through the various levels we will be including: 

- Two Individual Lessons with a PGA Professional per month using

all the latest technology

- Two 60 minute group sessions per month

- A 9 hole competition every 4-8 weeks

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