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Do you believe you're a bad golfer?


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Do you have beliefs about your golf game that are holding you back?

The good news is that beliefs can be changed!!

Changing negative beliefs can have a huge impact on performance.

Before Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954, doctors believed that it was unsafe to achieve it. As a result no runners believed that they could do it.


Amazingly, after Bannisters success, 37 more runners broke the 4 minute mile within a year! The following year 300 more broke it!!

The runners did not become magically fitter. Instead, they changed their beliefs which changed their emotions and led to better performance.

Do you have a negative belief about your golf game that may be holding you back?

Do you believe that you always miss short putts under pressure? or that you always play worse in a medal?

Having positive beliefs does not guarantee lower scores

but negative beliefs almost certainly result in higher scores.

Changing negative beliefs about your golf game needs to be done in two stages:

1) Question the belief. Do I really ALWAYS miss putts under pressure?? Or is it only the tough putts with lots of break that I miss?? Very often, as a result of a few missed putts in the wrong situations, beliefs can develop that are often blown out of proportion.

2) Re-enforce positive experiences. It is unusual for golfers to talk about their positive performances, instead most golfers focus on their failures. How many times have you heard a golfer at your club, after shooting a good score highlight the only area of his game that let him down, he might say "I played well today, BUT it would have been better if I hadn't 3 putted the 18th!". I am not suggesting that you should walk into the clubhouse and gloat about how good you are. Instead I suggest that you write a list of all the best putts you have made each day/week. This will re-enforce your positive experiences that directly oppose your negative belief.


This process will not change your beliefs overnight, it will take time but if you can committ to changing your negative beliefs and replacing them with positive attitudes, you may have a record setting year.

For more help with your game please call Mark Allen on 07791949073 or click here


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