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How To Film Your Swing

It's important to film your swing from the correct angle to help us analyse your swing correctly.

Ideally you will send us two video's, one video from "Face On" and one from "Down The Line". When filming your swing you need to consider a few elements:  

Down The Line

The "Down The Line" view involves the camera being set-up directly behind the player with the camera pointing down the target line.

The camera should be set-up with the player directly between it and the target.

Ideally the camera should be set at hand height.

Make sure the camera is far enough away from the golfer to get the entire swing in the shot. 

Face On

The Face On camera angle has the player stood opposite the camera.

When filming from this position the camera is aligned perpendicular to the target line.

The camera should be positioned parallel to the target line and at hand height.

To ensure all of the swing is visible make sure the camera is positioned far enough away.

What To Do Next?

Once you have filmed your swing all you have to do is send it to us. Please email your swing to:

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